Gordon G., Middletown, KY

We recently used Integra Mortgage to purchase our new home.  Skip Banister is the best we have ever worked with.  He kept us on track and made sure we had all of our documents that we needed.  He checked in with me on a daily basis throughout the process.  He was also able to get us the lowest interest rate possible.  And he got our closing to coincide with the closing of the home we sold.  I highly recommend Skip and Integra Mortgage!  3/20

Kate H., Eminence, KY

The process of buying a house very daunting.  However, working with Skip at Integra Mortgage makes it very easy.  He keeps you updated, never makes you feel like a burden and, by the end, I found myself cracking jokes with him about the process and how weird it will be not to talk to him daily once it's over.  As a first-time home buyer, I couldn't have asked for a better first-time experience!  1/20

Kelley G., LaGrange, KY

It's a big job describing how much Skip did for me helping me purchase my first home all on my own!  To say the least, he took a very tough case when he took me on as a client.  He coached me through every step of the way.  It was not an easy process but, with his positive attitude, humor (when needed) and patience, I was able to find my dream home and now live in it!  Words cannot express the gratitude I have toward all of Skip's hard work. 1/20

Jason V., AE, United Wholesale Mortgage

I have worked with Skip for over a year.  He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry.  He cares about the borrower and always wants to make sure he has his borrowers best interest at heart.  5/18

Debbie S., Louisville, KY

We recently utilized mortgage services with Skip Banister through Integra Mortgage Group. Skip was knowledgeable and extremely responsive, answered all of our questions quickly and made the entire process easy. He even set up a remote document signing with a notary since we were out of state when it was time to close. We absolutely recommend Skip and his expertise to anyone that needs mortgage or refinance assistance. He’s a ‘10’ for sure.  2/18

Charla S., Louisville, KY

I recently refinanced my home with Integra Mortgage after being referred to Skip Banister by one of my friends. Skip was very communicative and helpful in guiding me through the entire process. I was somewhat nervous about all the paperwork, but Skip made everything very simple and was happy to answer any questions I had.  I would highly recommend Integra Mortgage to anyone and would absolutely use them again without a second thought.  Thank you, Skip, you are the best!  5/17

Marsha C., Louisville, KY

I would highly recommend Skip at Integra Mortgage Group.  Skip is very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and always prompt to answer any questions I had. He also got me the lowest rate available. Skip showed me some ways that I could reorganize and save money which I really appreciated. Also, Skip helped me see that some of the things I was paying for were not necessary or too high. He was such a big help in refinancing my home and was more like a friend helping me instead of a Loan Officer. Thanks Skip for helping me get my finances more organized! You are the best!  8/17

Scott M., Crestwood, KY

I want to thank Skip Banister of Integra Mortgage Group for the incredible job he did with our home mortgage loan!  We were looking for a competitive rate and needed to close quickly.  Skip came through for us with flawless execution.  We would highly recommend Skip and Integra Mortgage Group for your next home mortgage loan!  10/16

John P., Louisville, KY

My wife and I could write a book on how Skip of Integra Mortgage Group is probably one of the most professional loan officers that we have ever worked with. Skip worked with us every step of the way and went way beyond what we expected. Not only did he get us an extremely low interest rate but he even helped break open a negotiating deadlock when the sellers’ realtor inexplicably and unprofessionally decided to quit speaking to our realtor. We highly recommend Skip for anyone shopping for mortgage financing. 7/16

Beth K., Real Estate Agent, Louisville, KY

Skip at Integra Mortgage Group did a great job with my client!  His communication was quick and thorough.  I enjoyed working with him very much. 10/16

Keith F. and Georgia D., LaGrange, KY

We recently had the distinct pleasure of meeting and dealing with Skip Banister from Integra Mortgage. Not only did Skip find us the lowest rates available but we were able to close the loan in thirty days. He was pleasant, professional and always ready to do whatever it took to clarify and expedite the process through phone calls, e-mails and personal visits to get forms signed. Skip even showed up for the closing, not to get paid, but just in case there should be any questions or issues arise. I'd be willing to talk to you personally about Skip and his services.  4/16

Lynn & Andrea M., Fern Creek, KY

We were in a bit of a rush to get into our new home. We were told by several lenders it was going to take 45-60 days to close our loan due to the new mortgage laws. That meant we were going to be displaced for at least 2 weeks. A friend referred us to Skip Banister at Integra Mortgage. What a Blessing!! Skip worked diligently to close our loan in 30 days and was successful. We sold our existing house and closed on our new house the very same day and got the best rate out there!!  Thank you Skip for working so hard for our family! I would highly recommend Skip and Integra Mortgage to anyone looking at mortgages.  12/15

Daniel & Nancy P., LaGrange, KY

My husband and I were ready to purchase our first home in Kentucky and Skip made the process very comfortable for our entire family.  We had faced foreclosure in Michigan and were worried how it would impact us house hunting in KY.  Skip worked very closely with us and the lender.  We had constant contact with him via text, email & phone at all hours which was wonderful for those questions that pop up at 8pm!
I would highly recommend Integra Mortgage Group to anyone who looking for a home loan & for that one-on-one service you can't get at the big banks....Call Skip!  10/15

Rob & Lisa S., Prospect, KY

"After meeting with several other mortgage brokers, Integra Mortgage Group was like a breath of fresh air. Skip discussed different options with us up front instead of holding important information until later as some others do. He was highly communicative and kept us informed at every stage of the process. Best of all, he got us a rate that was significantly better than the other quotes we had gotten. We have no reservation about recommending Integra."   6/15

Anne D., Crestwood, KY

I recently decided to refinance my house to use some equity for home 
improvements.  I had tried two banks, which obviously were very busy as I could 
not get a return call or response from either representative.  I decided to 
contact Integra Mortgage by email and was pleasantly surprised to not only get 
timely responses to my questions, but personal help with refinancing.   I also 
received valuable information about restructuring my financial future and having 
more realistic goals.  I would highly recommend Skip Banister of Ingetra 
Mortgage to help with any financing needs.  3/15

Daniel G., Real Estate Agent, Louisville, KY

What I like most about Integra Mortgage Group is that it is one-stop shopping.  No one passes the buck.  From start to finish, Skip is responsive, efficient, and professional.  6/14

Michael G., LaGrange, KY

We've done three refinances with Integra Mortgage Group, two of which were a little challenging because of our "unconventional" home construction.  We got the best rates available each time.  Skip is knowledgeable, kept the information flowing, was the buffer when we needed it, and made each transaction work as smoothly as these things can go.  I've never asked Skip why he chose "Integra" for his business name, but to me it suggests "integrity", because that's what Skip brings.  6/14

Cindy B., Eminence, KY

Integra Mortgage Group worked very hard for me, sometimes behind the scene, to help me get the best possible mortgage. I appreciate everything my Loan Officer, Skip, did to help me. I would recommend Integra Mortgage Group to my friends and family.  6/14

Mike S., Louisville

My Loan Officer, Skip, was a great partner in navigating the tumultuous seas of the current loan environment.  He was always there when we needed him and succeeded in closing our loan in a very short time period.  6/14

Don H., Pewee Valley, KY

Not only has my family utilized Integra Mortgage Group's services, my son has also utilized them.  The Loan Consultant was professional and knowledgeable in both situations. It is easy for me to recommend Integra Mortgage Group to others in need of their services.  2/14

Brooke R., Louisville, KY

Every detail was handled flawlessly and professionally by my Loan Officer.  When I tell my friends that I just finished a refinance and that they should look into it, they say, "Oh, but it's too much work."  Obviously they've never worked with a company like Integra Mortgage Group!  ( I have passed their information out to several of my friends.)

Gary U., Crestwood, KY

Integra Mortgage Group has a broad and in-depth knowledge of the mortgage field which they use to find the most beneficial fit for their clients.  They tell it like it is and work hard to make it all come together.

Joey M., Louisville, KY

Integra Mortgage Group helped me refinance my mortgage quickly and efficiently.  Their utilization of technology allowed us to communicate often remotely and share documents over a secure network.  I was very appreciative of their flexibility around my schedule and commitment to me as a customer.

Tina P., Fern Creek, KY

Integra Mortgage Group was able to recommend a great mortgage product for my situation.  My Loan Officer worked very hard to meet my needs with excellent results.

Todd S., Lender Account Executive

I've always known Integra Mortgage Group to act with honesty and the highest integrity. They keep their client's best interest in mind.

Daniel T., Louisville, KY

Integra Mortgage Group did a fantastic job on my refinance!  It was a very complicated process for my situation but my Loan Consultant was there every minute helping me navigate the process.  His in-depth knowledge allowed him to make suggestions to reduce my interest rate and expedite the closing.

Matt T., Anchorage, KY

I have worked with Integra Mortgage Group on two refinance projects over the past several years.  My Loan Consultant was patient, detailed and helped my family improve our financial commitments.  I would absolutely recommend Integra Mortgage Group!